Employment of third-country nationals


Types of residence/work permits


The work permit in Slovenia is directly tied to the residence permit.

In order to start living and working in Slovenia, you have to apply for one of the following permits:

  • Single residence and work permit
  • EU Blue Card
  • Work permit for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

To receive the single residence and work permit or EU Blue Card, you have to submit an application at the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Slovenia before you enter Slovenia. Another option is that the employer files the application at the administrative unit based on the authorization of the foreigner.

If you are a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, your employer must apply for a work permit in Slovenia and pay the costs of the procedure. The application is filed at the Employment Service of Slovenia (Zavod RS za zaposlovanje).

In certain cases, you will need a special work permit (work permit for seasonal workers based on a contract for services).

Free access to the Slovenian labour market is granted under the following conditions:

  • You are a holder of permanent residence permit.
  • You are a holder of temporary residence permit who is also a foreigner of Slovenian origin, a family member of Slovenian citizens, victim of human trafficking or victim of illegal employment.
  • You filed the application for the extension of the residence permit.

Free access to the Slovenian labour market is also granted to:

  • Persons under international protection (refugee status or subsidiary protection) and their family members (family reunification)
  • Persons under temporary protection
  • Asylum seekers (after nine months after filing the application for international protection)

Having free access to the labour market means that you can be employed and can work under the same conditions as Slovenian citizens if your employer does not require a special work permit.

More information on residence permits is available in Chapter 1, Arrival and Stay.