Closing down an individual enterprise


Closing down an individual enterprise means ending all economic or logistic activities that keep a business running and is tied to certain obligations. A company in Slovenia can close down a business voluntarily or compulsorily.
The time of the closing depends on the legal and organizational form of the company.


A LLC (d.o.o.) voluntarily ends its business:

  • When the period of  time for which the company was established expires.
  • If at least three-quarters of company members vote for termination; the Contract of Members can require a greater majority in the case of a merger with another company.

A LLC (d.o.o.) compulsorily terminates its business:

  • If a court establishes that the entry in the Companies Register is null.
  • Due to bankruptcy.
  • On the basis of a court decision saying that each company member with a minimum ten per cent share in share equity files a legal action demanding that the court decides on the company’s termination if the company’s objectives cannot be sufficiently achieved.
  • If there are any other grounds for termination or if the share capital falls below the legal minimum.


STEP 1: If your company does not meet its obligations or is insolvent, you can start the procedure of compulsory composition. This is intended to prevent bankruptcy and is executed under court supervision. Several types of compulsory composition exist, an agreement with creditors on further operations of legal entity and partial settlement on the prolongation of the period of the payment of liabilities to creditors being most frequent of them. The procedure of bankruptcy can also start at this point. If you own small business and all your obligations are settled, you can also close down your business by summary procedure made by yourself or a notary.

STEP 2: If the compulsory composition procedure is successful, a company can continue its activities. When the debtor is insolvent or in debt for an extended period of time, company bankruptcy takes place. It can be proposed by creditors, the debtor or a person liable company member. Bankruptcy procedure terminates the business.

STEP 3: Company liquidation follows the termination of the business and is registered in the court register. The purpose of the liquidation procedure is to distribute the company assets and to delete the company from the court register. The company property has to be cashed in and the debts have to be settled. The remaining company assets are then distributed among the company members. In all cases except in the case of bankruptcy and closing down the business with the summary procedure, the liquidation of the company is made.


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