Closing down a business


Business can be closed down due to different reasons. Some of them are illiquidity, merger with other company, the expiry of the period of time for which the company was established, the retirement of the operator. The time of the closing depends on the legal and organizational form of the company.
The steps of closing down a business are described for individual enterprises and for the sole trader (s.p.) separately (2.2.5.b and 2.2.5.c).


A company in Slovenia can close down a business voluntarily or compulsorily. The voluntary termination is made:

  • When the period for which the company was established expires.
  • On the basis of a decision issued by the company members.
  • In the case of the death or termination of activities of a company member if the Contract of Members does not stipulate otherwise.
  • On the basis of termination of the Contract of Members or in other cases pursuant to the law.

The Compulsory termination is made:

  • Due to bankruptcy.
  • On the basis of a court decision.
  • If there is only one company member, except when the company member acquires a new company member and continues their activity as an entrepreneur.


These proceedings are generally applied to all types of companies. It might happen that the specific form of your company has different specifications. It is highly recommended to consult the competent authorities and expertise in advance. More information (in English):


Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia (notarske zbornice): (in English) (in Slovenian) (in German)

District Court (Okrožno sodišče) – court register (in Slovenian)

List of the SPOT points and notaries: (in Slovenian)

More information on company registration is available at: (in English) in Slovenian

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