Acquisition of citizenship by naturalization (pridobivanje državljanstva z naturalizacijo)


The most common way for a foreigner to become a Slovenian citizen is through the so-called naturalization. Naturalisation means that a person who is not a citizen of a country acquires the citizenship of that country. To get the citizenship through naturalization, you must live in Slovenia continuously for several years, have basic knowledge of the Slovenian language and be integrated into the environment where you live to such an extent that you can accept the country as your homeland. You must be able to prove that Slovenia is the center of your vital interests: you work here, your family or partner lives here, your children go to school here, your healthcare services are here, you are engaged in the society, etc.


You can apply for the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia by naturalization if:

  • You are 18 years old or over.
  • Usually, you must have been released from the previous citizenship or can prove that such release will be granted if you acquire the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia. Before you are released from your previous citizenship, the Republic of Slovenia will issue a guarantee that you will be granted the Slovenian citizenship. However, in the case of reciprocity between Slovenia and your country of origin, you will not need to prove that you have been released from the previous citizenship.
  • You have lived in Slovenia continuously for 10 years.
  • You have sufficient means of subsistence.
  • You have a certificate of the knowledge of Slovenian as a second and foreign language (The Slovenian Language Exam at the Basic Level A1-B2).
  • You have not been convicted by a final judgment to an unconditional prison sentence longer than three months and no conditional prison sentence has been passed with a probation period longer than one year.
  • Your residence in the Republic of Slovenia has not been annulled.
  • You are not a threat to public order, security or defense of the country.
  • Your tax liabilities are paid.


To acquire Slovenian citizenship, you have to submit the following documents to an administrative unit:

  • An application for acquisition of citizenship
  • A CV(curriculum vitae) in a form of an essay
  • The required documents:

birth certificate, certificate of no criminal record, language certificate, proof that you have been living in Slovenia for the required period of time, proof that you have sufficient means of subsistence and any other documents that show your special bond with Slovenia and that this country is the centre of your vital interests. The requested documents that you need to submit are different for each individual case.

  • Payment of an administrative fee

You can read more about how to acquire Slovenian citizenship here:
(in English)
(in Slovenian)


Slovenian legislation distinguishes between regular naturalization and naturalization with benefits.

Naturalization with benefits gives one the opportunity to acquire citizenship under a simplified procedure and is available if:

  • You are married to a Slovenian citizen.
  • You lost Slovenian citizenship on the basis of release or renouncement.
  • You are a Slovenian or his or her descendant.
  • You have no citizenship (you are a stateless person).
  • You are a refugee.
  • You have successfully completed at least higher-education studies in the Republic of Slovenia.
  • You were born in Slovenia and have lived in Slovenia since birth.
  • You are a minor and you live in Slovenia.

More information on acquiring Slovenian citizenship and different categories of applicants (in English) is available here:

List of administrative units in Slovenia (in Slovenian):


You can apply for Slovenian citizenship at your competent administrative unit in Slovenia. Your competent administrative unit is in the area where you have registered your address.

A list of administrative units in Slovenia is available at the following link (in Slovenian):